Sumo Suit Party

Sumo Suit Party: A New Party Experience

Experience the fun and excitement to your next party and events! Sumo suit party hire is the next big hit that you will surely love for its total fun and funny entertainment that it will bring to you and to your friends. Many people are switching to sumo suit wrestling to have a different kind of party experience.

Full Day Hire
Full Day Hire

Wear your sumo suit and brace yourself for the unique, awesome and funniest way of wrestling ever known by the whole world. These costume is filled with foam or inflatable material that will look you like a real sumo wrestler in size. According to manufacturers, they use mostly foam as the material instead of the inflated one and this is simply because, based on their experience, it is more durable and safe for the user. It comes with a funny wig sumo-style helmets that are intentionally designed for safety. This game need a spacious room or if done outdoor need a wide area for the wrestling mat. Not only the wrestlers will enjoy because the crowd will cry out by laughing by just looking to the wrestler wearing their sumo suit and fighting.

Like any other games, sumo suit party also has game mechanics to be followed especially when it comes for the safety of the wrestler. But what’s good in this sumo suit wrestling is that you can put a twist and spice in every match to double the fantastic fun of the game. Here are some rules and tips about sumo suit wrestling party game:

  • The wrestler should take off their shoes
  • Wear the sumo suits, wig helmet and neck brace for safety purposes
  • Take their place before starting the match to opposite sided of the wrestling mat
  • The game supervisor will gave some instruction while the wrestler is facing each other.
  • Enjoy the fight and have fun by bumping and throwing their huge and fat bodies with each other as the crowd laugh out loud with them.
  • Put a twist like blind folding the wrestler and spin them around first can really double the fun of the game.

In sumo suit wrestling, the truth is the audience is having as much fun like the wrestlers do that is why this is really a great activity in your next party. Sumo suit party hire is also perfect for other events like that you and your friends is planning to do to put a different kind of entertainment hand have good and hilarious time with them.

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