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Have you ever wanted to hire a sumo suit? Here at Ultimate Bounce, we hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure your hiring experience goes smoothly. Check our our specials at Our suits are cleaned before and after every hire, and checked to ensure there is nothing wrong with them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that do not care! You will find lots of websites offering sumo suits that have a number of flaws. Some are inflatable (you can easily pop them or they may not be able to hold pressure), some are old and torn and some are cheaply made. You will often find that they have less padding in them as it makes them easier to make and lowers their cost. This lowered cost however comes with increased chances of injury and a greater chance the suits will be damaged.

You will also find people trying to undertake ‘sumo suit hire’ without insurance. If they don’t have public liability insurance and their negligence results in an injury for the clients, they will have no way of insuring themselves. This means that unless they have lots of money, chances are you could be stuck with unfair, extremely costly medical bills.

Another reason to pick Ultimate Bounce for your sumo suit hire is because of our service area. We believe that everyone should pay the same price. Many companies will chuck on extra costs simply for the sake of making more money. They do this by charging you ‘delivery fees’ and ‘set-up fees’ what can often be randomly selected costs they ad to the price. You will often find out about these costs after you have already booked the suits! They will also charge per hour instead of a 24 hour hire period. 24 Hours allows the users to get maximum fun and have breaks without being stressed about when they must be packed up.

Having a sumo suit hire party can be a great thing to do to have an amazing party. To ensure its as good as it can be, we suggest setting up a competition. Have a ranking system and let people battle it out to see who is the best. Give the winner some sort of prize, and make sure that photos are taken. Photos and videos will last forever and remind you of all the hilarious things that happened.

Use this checklist in the future to ensure you get a good deal and are protected:

  • Does the company have insurance?
  • Are the suits foam / foam inside?
  • Are the suits cleaned before and after each use?
  • Am I paying a fair price?
  • Do I get 24 hour hire?

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