Rules and Safety


1. Find flat, preferably grassy area that is free of any sticks, sharp objects, rocks, standing water, drop offs, or protruding objects. This area should measure approximately 8 meters x 8 meters (this allows for spectators, and wrestlers falling off the mat).
2. Unroll mat in the center of the chosen area.
3. Place suits, gloves, and helmets on mat.
4. Step into the suit one leg at a time with the Velcro side on the users back.
5. The suit must be placed on first, followed by the neck brace, helmet and gloves.


1. Use suits only on the mat.
2. Participants must be over 150cm tall and 13 years of age or older to use the suits.
3. All users must remove sharp objects including but not limited to eyeglasses, watches,
bracelets, necklaces, and earrings (any neglect causing damage to the suits must be paid
by the lessee).
4. Those under the influence of alcohol or drugs MUST NOT use equipment.
5. Keep all sharp objects, silly string, gum, candy, food, other sticky substance, water, and
pets away from mat and suits.
6. Participants MUST wear the helmets and gloves while playing.
7. Help participants in and out of the suits as they may fall over or get stuck. Participants
must be watched at all times by a spectator.
8. Participants may get hot in the sumo suits. Ensure participants have access to drinking
9. Do not use a wet mat and do not set up mat close to any bodies of water.
10. Wrestling may only begin when all participants agree to it.
11. Wrestlers in suits must not grab or tear at the sumo suits, and remember to keep the
competition light-hearted.
12. When a participant steps or is pushed off the mat, the round is over and all wrestling must
Any damage incurred by the incorrect use of the sumo suits, or lack of adherence to the above
rules will result in the cost of repairing or replacing the suits.