Jumping Castle Hire Mount Gravatt

Mount Gravatt Jumping Castle Hire Rules

Jumping castles are becoming one of the best attractions parents are adding into their children’s parties. They let all the kids have fun and are becoming cheaper every day! If you are interested in hiring a castle, there is a few things you should know so you make sure you get the best one possible. Here are 5 rules that will keep you on track, and your kids smiling!

1 – What theme should you pick?

Picking the right theme can make or break your kids party. Think about their favourite shows and what kind of action heroes / superheroes they look up to. You should have a pretty good idea, however if you are struggling to come up with something, why not try a plain one? Plain bouncing castles are still fun for everyone, and no one will know you couldn’t choose because they will be having too much fun jumping around!

2 – How much will it cost?

This depends on a number of factors. Often you will find the price varies when hiring a jumping castle in Mount Gravatt. You need to decide if you have enough spare time to supervise the castle, or if you will been to pay for a supervisor to stay and make sure the kids are safe. It will also vary depending on if you pick a themed castle, or if you go for a plain one. Lastly, the size of the castle will change how much you have to pay for it. The larger it is, typically the more it will cost.

3 – Should I get two jumping castles?

Two is often a great idea if you have a themed party like superheroes.

4 – How long can you hire jumping castles for?

Most companies offer 2-3 hours supervision and charge extra for longer. Some companies will let you hire them for 24 hours

5 – What do we need to set on up in our yard?

You will need a nice open area with no sticks on the ground, or things that could damage the castle. You will then also need to make sure you have access to electricity, or let the company know and they will have to set up a generator.