Inflatable Sumo Suit

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suit

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suit: Fun and Safe Game Experience

Let’s make your party more fun, funny and totally entertaining than it has ever been before. Many have already experienced an extraordinary game in their party with sumo wrestling games. But, did you know that the sumo wrestling game you have tried can be more exciting than ever?

Inflatable Sumo Suit
Inflatable Sumo Suit Hire

With the inflatable sumo suit, you can experience sumo wrestling game to the whole new level. You and your friends will surely enjoy a lot more because of its inflatable features and you can do as many unusual ways to play sumo wrestling. Make it included in your next party the inflatable sumo costumes and let all the participants, players and audience experience the fun.

Sumo wrestling is very competitive sports and it’s very entertaining but it could not be so simple for the players wearing their amusing huge sumo inflatable costumes then fight. The mechanics of the game is the first player to touch the floor with any part of their body aside from the sole of the feet of the player will be the loser. You will surely laugh like you never did before not only with the two wrestlers fighting but as well as the costume itself as they play around the ring.

Wearing your safety helmet is a must if you are the wrestler. The helmet is designed to look like the sumo wrestler seem to share hair style and another important equipment is the neck brace for more fun and safe game. From the time the wrestler wear their full costume, the fight will start. The fun is about to start right from this moment, you will surely enjoy to see what will happen next.

Inflated suit hire not only in sumo wrestling games. It could also be fantastic and good to use for other events like birthday parties, team building, private parties, corporate events or just having a fun days with your friends. You will surely have a fantastic experience in your event.

Sumo wrestling equipment varies on the package to choose from. The standard equipment of the game are two large sumo suits for adult and/or small sumo suits for kids, two safety helmets, two safety neck brace and a safety mats. The game also required a spacious area approximately 12ft x 12ft x 6ft H (will depend on the package you choose). If you need an adult game supervision to have more organized and safe game, you can hire one when you book and pay the additional fee. Standard players or sumo wrestlers are 2 person and 13 years old and above only are recommended to participate as wrestlers in the game.

All of these are worth trying today. So what are you still waiting for? You should book for this extraordinary game experience that you will surely love. We are just a phone call away. If you have any questions in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very glad to serve you and help you make your kids happy with sumo wrestling.

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