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Charity Event Ideas

It can be hard to think of good charity event ideas. Here at Ultimate Bounce, we have a great idea for you! If you wish to hire sumo suits for your charity, or community event, send us an email!

We feel that a key part of running a business is helping people out that need it. When you call or email, simply let us know what your event is. If it meets our community or charity criteria, we will be able to organize large discounts to suit your needs.

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Inflatable Sumo Suit

Adelaide Sumo Suit Hire

If you live in Adelaide and want to know the perfect party idea, you have found it! Ultimate Bounce is one of Adelaide’s top sumo suit hire companies.

Our service involves the delivery of sumo suits directly to your door. Depending on the package you order, you may end up hiring one pair of sumo suits or two at a discounted rate. Each ‘pair’ of suits comes with a helmet, a neck brace, gloves, suits and a mat to play on.

The hire period is negotiable up to 24 hours. If you wish to have the suits delivered in the morning and picked up at night, that is no problem. If you want to keep them over night, there will be no hassle. If you only want them for three hours, let us know and we will see if a discount can be provided.

Adelaide is full of fun party locations, but why not use your own home! If safety is your concern, do not worry. We provide a full guide on safe use of the suits. As long as everyone is careful and mindful of the other participants, fun will be had by all. As a further protection measure, we have $10 million dollars of public liability insurance.

When hiring sumo suits, the users must be constantly aware of their physical state. It is very easy to become dehydrated in the suits as they can become quite hot! They are also reasonably heavy (which is what makes them so fun). Because of this, be sure to take them off every now and then, and stay hydrated during and after use.

If you are concerned about hygiene, it will be helpful to know that we ensure our suits are cleaned with antibacterial detergents before AND after each hire. This means that you can rent sumo suits you know will be clean and ready for use!

If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to call for advice and guidance. If you wish to use these suits for commercial purposes, we will be happy to discuss the possibility with you.

Remember, if you ever want to hire sumo suits in Adelaide, we are your best option!

Inflatable Sumo Suit
Adelaide Sumo Suit Hire

Sumo Wrestling Hire

I’m sure you’ve seen it on the TV and on the internet. The question is, what is stopping you from doing it yourself! Here at Ultimate Bounce you can find all the sumo wrestling hire equipment you need. We offer helmets, neck braces, gloves, suits and a huge mat to play on! Sumo wrestling has never been so fun!

There are many ways you can wrestle once your in the suits. Most people do a countdown and then charge. Some however like to play games with them. This can include things like trying to stop people from running through your defense or seeing who can hold the most ridiculous pose!

Our suggestion is to set up a competition. Use a ladder system to let people vs each other. When someone wins, they move onto the next round. You will end up with two champions battling it out to be the winner of your sumo wrestling hire party! To award their efforts, give them a prize or perhaps the first piece of cake if its at a party.

There are many things you need to consider when hiring your wrestling suits. This includes their quality, the quality of the company supplying them and the ease of delivery and pickup. At Ultimate Bounce, we ensure that minimal effort is required on your part. The suits are delivered and set up wherever you choose. Once you are finished, they are taken again from your house at the time you have agreed upon.

Sumo wrestling hire games can be dangerous. You need to ensure that you are taking the appropriate precautions required to keep everyone safe. This means you should set up a word the players can say when they surrender or of if they get hurt. This means the other wrestler will be able to stop before they get injured any more.

Hiring wrestling suits is an excellent idea for a party. Its also a great idea for breaking the ice at team events. Office parties can be extremely fun with a pair of sumo wrestling suits. Furthermore, they work well for adults! Adults will get a lot more enjoyment out of using these suits than they would on a small jumping castle. These suits are also excellent for personal trainers, who can use them to help their clients lose those last few pounds.

Remember, if you ever want a sumo suit, check out for the best deals and the highest quality!